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Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm still here!

No I have not dropped off the face of the earth, I have been preparing for several workshops that I will be leading at our 2008 Women’s Day of Excellence. Most of my time over that past several weeks has been spent in preparation and pulling together all my resources, making handouts, copies and restructuring all my various continuing education stuff into something that vaguely resemble something cohesive.

I will be leading a workshop on prayer and on one developing a personal prayer retreat and leading a workshop on exploring different forms of prayer. Needless to say have been covered up for some time.

I have been enjoying everyones blog entries but have not had the time to make many comments. You all have fed me when I was overwhelmed with the detail of preparation, thank you all for your wise insights and daily gems of how God works in your lives.

As well as preparing for theses workshops we have also has some very sad and unexpected news. I would greatly appreciate you prayers for my family and my husband’s family as well.

My husband’s brother passed away on Thursday (8-21) he had been struggling with Colon Cancer for several years, but we were all take by surprise by this as he seemed o be doing very well at out last family gathering. The funeral will be in a few days.

My hope is that once thing settle back down I can put a few thought down for a post. I have seen God at work in so many different aspect of the process of putting these workshops together as well as the unfolding of the Beth Moore Simulcast I attended a few weeks ago ands well as a new Bible study I have just begun, (follow this link to My Hands His Glory) with skoots1mom which I am sure will be wonderful as well as started working part again.

Oh my stars, but God is wonderful at re-ordering my time when I will ask him to.

God is good, and I wait with expectation for things to settle back down.

Don’t forget me, I am still here!


God Chaser said...

Be blessed may God dtrengthen you as you teach others to go to Him in prayer. Peace and comfort for you and your family. May the days ahead be filled with His glory and strength.

Sarah said...

Way to go Robin! You sound like you are in your element!

Mary said...

I would love to be in the prayer workshop. . . but I'm afraid GA is just a little too far!
I know of nothing that we need more than prayer.

Sorry about your husband's brother's death. I lost my brother about a year ago and I miss him SO much. My brother had pancreatic cancer but God was merciful and took him before he experienced much if any pain.

I pray that things will go really well in the workshops. When you get back, maybe you could share some of the material of the workshop. That would be very interesting.


Sassy Granny said...

Some seasons of life just don't allow for life in the slow lane. May you be fully equipped for your upcoming teaching, and may there be great joy in the journey.


skoots1mom said...

praying your sessions were gr8!
my trip was good and i know my mom had fun catching up with her brothers and their wives...i got to see some of my cousins. yes, we're all now old.

skoots1mom said...

go read 2nd cup/coffee today...she brings up some stuff i think you'll laff at...the Big O for one...

skoots1mom said...

wow, it must be "o" day...
here's another with an interesting perspective...

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