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Thursday, April 2, 2015

I have had several thoughts rolling around in my head.

When events happen in the world that confound me. When I read something on facebook or see something on the news that makes me shake my head and wonder what is happening in the world. I ponder on how broken the world is. Then I am reminded of who has control over the world, the evil one. Scripture tells us that satan took Jesus to high place and offered him the whole world if only He would bow down and worship him. (Mat 4:8) Jesus was tired and hungry yet he stood on God's word and did what was right.

We live in a broken world, there are so many people who live lives of dysfunction. Spread dysfunction from one generation to the next.

Sacrificial gifts of life are squandered and I wonder why.  

As I was going about my morning this heavy cloud of sadness was hovering over me, questions that will never be answered linger in my thoughts. Why do people do the horrible things that they do? Then I remember that I am a sinner as well. I struggle every day with overcoming the bad behaviors that tempt me. I am a sinner and I have to daily choose which path I am going to step upon every day. Will I choose the good path or the worldly path?

The reality is that there are so many hurting people in the world who do not know anything beyond there own dysfunction. I know this to be true, because I used to be steeped in my own dysfunction and generational sin. The difference is that now I have the Grace that comes from Jesus, I made a choice many years ago to follow Christ and to work daily to move past my sin and leave the dysfunction behind.  

Another reality I know is true,

God's timing is always perfect. Setting my lingering sadness aside for a moment, the other reality I am forced to deal with is the state of my earthly body. I am woefully out of shape and I have yielded to my sinful earthily side for far to long. I am taking steps to move to a more healthy lifestyle. Adopting healthier eating habits, beginning to walk in the mornings. My old arthritic hip has been speaking to me in a loud voice, in fact all my bones have been telling me get up off my big ol” fat butt and move. 

These two very different lines of thought actually do have a connecting point I promise.  

Here is the connection. I had finished up my oatmeal, liberally sprinkled with flax and chia seeds and sweetened with stevia, taken my morning vitamins and was heading to the door to the park.  

The sky was a light blue, the sun was so bright, the breeze was gently blowing. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning. I have lived by this park for almost six years but have never walked the trails. With the pains in my hip and knees, and after such a long absence of physical activity I thought the flatter surfaces would better facilitate my re-entry into exercise. I will work up to the more strenuous hills and inclines after I get a few more miles under my belt. There is a perfect 1/2 mile loop around a beautiful little ponds and that what I was in the process of doing.

spring morning at rabbit hill 2015 

I was making the loop around the pond and off the the left I spot a small group of young mothers. They had gathered with their children. I was enjoying watching the little ones play. This park and a very sweet water feature, a small shallow splashing man made creek. There was this sweet little girl with blonde ringlets splashing to her hearts content dressed in nothing but her diaper. Mom was watching from the hill above and this sweet little girl stomped in the water, she would bend down and smack her little palms in the water and then giggle and run and splash some more.

Y’all, I have too tell ya, it just lifted my heart to see that sweet little girl. I had this sudden moment of dejavoux. Both my children had light blond hair, both my children loved to splash and play in the water of a warm spring day.  

I walked and watch this beautiful little girl revel in the simple joy of splashing in the water in the warms sun. 

The I realized that the heavy sadness of my morning was gone.  

I am still very sad about the things I see on the news, I still grieve over the choices that some people make. I still pray for those who do not know Jesus to open their heart and allow Him access, allow the redemption of His sacrifice to wash their sin away.

But, the simple beauty of my surroundings, the sunshine, the laughter of that sweet little girl, the blue sky, the newness of spring and Easter…

It just washed over me how Good Our God Really Is!


Happy Easter Y’all!
















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The Bug said...

Getting out in nature for a walk is a sure way to remind me of God's majesty & to give me hope for the future. Can't wait until it's warm enough (on a day when I have time) to get out there myself.

And go you! I'm proud of your efforts to be kind to your temple!

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