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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Re-Thinking some things....

You know that point when it is easier to take a second picture that spend thirty minute looking though all your digital files looking for a photo you know you have already taken....yea that moment right now!

Moving on! 

I am participating in a bible study on Wednesday evening at out church. It's called Experiencing God. I know in my heart that all study of God's Word does not return to us empty, it will return to us with whatever gift, message or direction that God chooses. It is never a waste of time and it is never to be taken lightly. 

I will say that with most bible studies I have taken I usually find myself in a situation where the author and I departed on certain theories or even interpretations. That's ok as well. We all come to the study of God's Word on different levels of need.

The concept of this bible study is not unfamiliar to me.

It starts from a place of recognizing that God in His infinite wisdom is always at work. 

He is the beginning of all things and He is constantly trying to make a connection with us. So if He is always at work, always seeking relationship then that moment when we discover God speaking to us is the moment when action is required. 

When you find out where God is actively working in your life or the lives of others, make the decision to join Him in. 

He is actively at work right now every day! 

For each person, finding their place in God's big plan can be so very daunting.  That is as individual as the DNA unique to each one of us. 

Where God's want me to step out and where God wants you to step out may be totally different. That's the way the body of Christ works. Scripture speaks to all of us having unique and different spiritual gifts that we all must find and begin to utilize.

This brings me to my re-thinking for today.

I may have posted this to my blog before, but the place where in am in my life right now it bears repeating.

I have been keeping a journal since 1974, yes that one, nine, seven and four! 

That is forty years! 

When was the last time you recognized that you have been doing something consistently for over forty years? 

Here they all! 

I have given instructions to my sisters in Christ that upon my death these journals are to be confiscated immediately. Then safely hidden away until such a time when they can be safely distributed in small doses to my remaining loved ones. I think I may be serious about this, but I am still ponding the impact that these journals will have on those who may read them after I have been called home to glory!

I have a point really I do....

In the five weeks of this study what I have begun to recognize is this. 

Even before I was aware or even knew who God was, He was actively trying to make a connection with me. It took me over thirty years to respond to the invitation. I, now think that the desire for me to pick up my pen and record the events of my life was no accident.

Three days ago I started a new private blog, one that I am going to make an entry into each day and see where it all goes. 

My plan, well there is not one beyond making a promise to God that I will try to write something down every day. Whatever I am feeling, whatever is going on in my life, whatever revelation God is showing me for that day.

I am for now not wasting time with punctuation or spelling, all that can be edited out at a later date. 

Now I am just working on obedience. 

Find out where God is working and join Him right there! There may be many points where Mr. Blackabee and I differ, but I am embracing this concept because I think he is hitting the nail right on the head. 

This is something I have been doing all my life, now I am beginning to make the connection that there may have been a greater purpose besides just emptying the garbage of my internal thought life.

Maybe it's all mixed up and not making any sense to me right now. 

But striving to be obedient!

Oh and Dana, I am not sure if it is wishful thinking or if the steroids beginning to kick in. Or that it is still relatively early in the day, but for the moment my pain level is manageable and the hip is a bit better I think.

If your read my post from the other day you know that I am struggling with some arthritis in my hip and awaiting the possibility of short term fix with possible hip replacement in my future. 

So for now, for this moment I feel pretty good!


Pray for tomorrow and my continued obedience

1 comment:

The Bug said...

Oh I'm glad you're feeling some better! You really needed some relief.

I've tried journaling in one form or another for years, but nothing sticks. I guess for now my blog is my journal :)

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