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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Almost a year since....

I’ve been thinking about updating my blog for about forever, however the desire, the energy, the actually words to share seemed to disappear.

It’s only August and it feels like about ten years has passed. Sometimes things pile up on ya, when life tosses a whole pile of stuff at your door and you sit back and wonder why does life have  to be so hard at times.
The reality, my life is no more or less difficult than anyone else's.

My mom died in January. It was very unexpected and it was defiantly not the way we expected to begin the new year.

My daughter graduated from high school in May, again, I’m not the only mom dealing with shifting roles, growing pains and learning how to parent a child that wants to be a grown-up, but in reality is still a child in my mind.

Hormonally, I am on the downward spiral and find that the ebbing of my natural female function to be difficult. The emotional ups and downs are at times very difficult to maneuver through. Focusing on the reality that this too shall pass in no great comfort for me.

I know this all sound like a great whopping mess of debbie downer theology. But for now it’s my reality.
Being the mature woman I am, coming at this from the perspective Paul, I can’t truthfully say I am rejoicing in my suffering, but I can say that I am at least taking stock of certain aspects of my life. I know that life is full of mountain top experiences. I also know that the real fruit is grown in the valleys of life. I know this to be true in my own life. All the really true and valuable lessons I have learned have been hard won and awarded through great pain and suffering.

The other unchangeable fact, I know what to do when life turns ugly….God’s word is the beauty!

When grief comes, I know that Joy comes in the morning.

When children grow up I focus on the blessings of Ecclesiastes and know that for everything thing there is a time and a place. We want our children to grow up. That's our goal from the time they are born, however the reality of all that hard work seems cold comfort at the prospect of her one day leaving my home and going out on her own. I want her to stay safely under the protection of my wings.

So it’s a mixed bag of emotional bits and pieces. Some days they all fall into place, other days I am whacking away with a sledge hammer trying to get a round peg to fit in a square whole and find no logic or wisdom in the process. 

My accountability sisters hold me together, my husband is a rock and God’s Word is the truth!
So we shall see if takes me another year to make an appearance on the blog-o-sphere.

I hope not!

Blessings to whom ever reads this!


1 comment:

The Bug said...

Well that's an awful lot on your plate! I'd love to see you back here again, but I'm also not really posting all that regularly so I understand.

And really, she GRADUATED? How did I miss that she graduated? Actually, I think I did know, but I have menopause brain & that was 3 months ago :)

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