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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A bunch of totally random things that y’all really don’t need to know…..but hey at least it’s a post!

My husband is out of town/really out of town as he is in Germany so we had frozen pizza for dinner last night.

Since my husband is out of town I had not unloaded or reloaded the dishwasher in several days.

It is now loaded and my kitchen sink is now full of very hot sudsy water trying to get the last bit of frosting residue off the decorating tips I used to make Muffinhead’s birthday cake.

The aftermath…..


The results, she really loved her cake y’all!


I now re-remember why I stopped doing wedding cakes….the clean up is a killer.

The lemon thyme that I cut back to nothing this past fall is now bursting up from the pruned stems in a dark green lushness that just makes me want to go out and run my fingers over. I love my herb garden.

I have to make one last harvest of my swiss chard from the veggie patch and then I can get in there and turn over the dirt and amend it to get my spring veggie garden planted.

My pottery buddy and I are trying to work up some inventory for a spring sale. We are not sure when it will be but I am excited about it. I find that I am a bit obsessed with the clay. I feel like I have really found the creative outlet that I have been looking for.

I love my gardening, my cooking, my knitting/crocheting, my painting, but getting my hands in the clay fills something in me that is hard to explain.

It was a good throwing day yesterday.


One large kitchen crock (top left) three coffee cups (bottom shelf). I am heading back over this morning to finish up with the handles for the cups today…if they cups are dry enough to clean up.

I was expecting Muffinhead this morning but when I awoke she was not here. My DIL told me that she was not sure if my son was coming home last night or not.

No Muffinhead….means that he did get home last night. I have the morning off…yea for me!

Here’s a biggie y’all.

After twelve years we are in the process of getting a new pastor at our church. I remember the last time this happen and how devastated we  all were at the concept of loosing our beloved pastor. We then all saw how faithful God was to send us our current pastor. So I have faith that God will be just a faithful in providing for us this time around. However I will say that I have some definite thoughts about the timing of this move. Now that I am in the season of flux (hormonally speaking) I also feel like I am gaining some wisdom. For as much as I will miss our pastor, I really do think it may be time for a change. There have been some major things going on that have been disturbing my spirit at our church for some time. So much so that I was contemplating making a change. I never thought that would ever happen.

My husband and I have been members of this church for over 25 yeas and have been very happy. It was truly the catalyst for me, bringing me to where I am in in my relationship with Christ. I feel it is my spiritual home. However there have been a few changes that have taken place that have cause a very distinct upheaval in how I feel about my spiritual home. Changes that I feel may not have been Christ driven. I am still pondering and praying about all of this. I am seeking some discernment for the Lord on how I am feeling and asking for some clarification. We will not be making any life altering changes any time soon, the Girlchild loves her youth group so much and is so invested in in this church, she knows nothing else. Her whole life and her foundation with Christ is formed in the people and the experience she has had at this church home.

But….changes are coming and you know how difficult that process can be……

There really isn't a point to all this randomness other that to try and get SOMETHING posted to my blog.

I have been in such a blogging funk lately. Wondering about the purpose of it, the purpose of me, the purpose of a lot of things……

My last thought, for as difficult as the hormonal shift has been, I find that it is like the example given in scripture. The heat of the flames burns away all the impurities and what is left behind is the refined gold or silver.

Now I am not comparing myself to gold or silver, I am just saying that for now I feel like I am in the furnace and am waiting for the refinement process to end so I can see what is left behind…

Somebody get me a nice tall glass of lemonade with lots of ice and have that polishing cloth ready….

Lastly I will leave you with this….


A little taste of spring that I ran across yesterday and I had to stop the car and take a picture….





What a darling cake! Loved the tulips too. I have not seen any in my neck of the woods yet. Daffodils are abundant...but no tulips yet.

The Bug said...

LOVE the cake - you did such a good job on it!

I'm sorry you're struggling with your church. It's hard to contemplate leaving a family, but perhaps this nudging is part of a plan for you to bring your newly refined self to somewhere that needs you more.

Life in a Small Town said...

I'm so impressed with that cake! It looks GREAT! That last picture is absolutely stunning.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Certainly one way to navigate the challenges of the upcoming church change is to have some of that cake while sitting nearby a vase of those gorgeous flowers. Add a dollop of ice cream & some freshly brewed coffee and you'll be good as new!

On a more serious note, I can certainly identify with the sort of changes that entail stretching.

Kim said...

What a lovely cake! But the clean up is rather overwhelming :/

The blogging funk hits us all at some time or another; don't sweat it... just share when and what you want. There's that old saying that is so very true: "This too shall pass."

Thanks for sharing the lovely flower photo too -- made me smile :)

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