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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Christmas Day Sticky Bun Disaster….an epic failure and I’m not the only one out there!

Well in hindsight I think I may adopt the no new recipe’s during the holidays rule that Paula advocates. Live and learn. All I can say is that I feel a bit vindicated when I scrolled through the reviews of the recipe and found several very negative comments

Needless to say I had a a good laugh at this comment about this recipe being a fire hazard……..had I read the first comment listed below I may have thought twice about putting my family and Christmas all together in jeopardy for the sake of a sticky bun.

Copied straight from the Food Network Website: “Fire hazard.. do not make. I followed this recipe exactly.. 400 degrees for 30 minutes. 15 minutes into the baking the brown sugar and butter was scorched and the whole house was filled with smoke. If I were you I would not make this unless the oven temperature is reconsidered. A epic failure of a recipe.”

In any event I followed the direction exactly!

My first indicator that things were not going well was that the puff pastry seemed to melt back down into the butter sugar mixture in the bottom of the muffin tin. This in turn began to push the buttery sugar mixture over the edges of the muffin tin and then it began to spill over the edges of the pan onto the cookie sheet. Thankfully I had lined the cookie sheet with parchment paper. On checking the oven I noticed the edges of the parchment paper beginning to tune a very dark brown, The sugar mixture was beginning to bubble and smoke. The puff pastry did eventually begin to puff out of the muffin tins but the portion of the pastry that was still down in the muffin tin was not cooking. The tops were puffed out and crispy and golden brown and at the end of the cooking time I pulled out the muffin tin. I followed the directions of letting them sit for 5 minutes then inverting them out onto the parchment paper. Well as soon as I tiled the pan they all came tumbling out. The caramel spilled all over the place the buns began to unwind and the nuts and raisins were tossed every which way. The tops were done and the interior was raw. The sugar that had bubble out of the muffin tin was burned and stuck to the muffin tin…..yeah just what I wanted to clean up on Christmas morning.

 sticky buns 001

Now I am looking at a mess of soupy buttery raw pastry dough. I thought about just tossing it out but decide that rather than trying to put all this lovely mess back into the muffin tins I would just pop the cookie sheet back in the oven to see if the raw parts would finish baking.

We sat down to eat a leisurely brunch. The next thing I noticed was an unpleasant smell and then the kitchen began to fill with smoke. I hopped up from the table and looked in the oven to watch in horror as the sugar/butter/caramel combination was bubbling over the edges of the cookie sheet and dripping down into the bottom of my oven like an erupting volcano. The scorching hot sugar mixture was running over onto the bottom of my oven and flames where shooting out and jumping up and trying to catch the parchment paper on fires as well. At this point I am doing some serious praying that my house does not burn down on Christmas morning…….well Officer, you see it was the sticky buns……….they just burst into flames and before we knew what what happening….

So there we all are the three of us, Me, the Hubs and my son, smoke is billowing out of the oven and I am trying to decide how to get the smoking tray of smoldering sugar out of my oven without making a bigger mess. The Hubs and son are at the oven door working in tandem trying to reach in and avoid the scorching hot sugar that is sliding all over the place. They both got a bit smattered with hot buttery sugar…..NOT FUN!

Finally they were able to get the cookie sheet out of the oven and I was able to grab the box of baking soda out of the cabinet and tossed in a generous helping over the open flames that was dancing around  the bottom of my oven.

sticky buns

It was a mess y’all. I was only after the scorched, raw/burned/smoked sticky buns had been deposited in the trash that I had the after thought…..pictures! Who stops to take a picture when your kitchen is in the process of burning down? I had vision of standing outside watching my house erupt in flames….and it was all Ina’s fault!

Just what the hubs wanted to do on Christmas Day!

sticky buns 003sticky buns 002

Y’all know me, ever since this epic sticky bun failure it has been a nagging tick in the back of my mind. I even went back over to the Food Network and watched the video where she demonstrated how to make them. I thought that maybe she had used the extra large muffin pan but upon watching the video a second time it looked like a regular sized muffin pan to me! I’m not an idiot in the kitchen but I did feel somewhat vindicated when I read several very unfavorable reviews all speaking about the various flaws of this recipe!

I did not scroll through all the reviews but here is a small sampling of some of the bad reviews. There were about as many bad revies as there were good ones but I have to say I will not be making this one again, or if I do I will make some major revisions…..


“Sad to give this 1 star. Temp to hot.... burned. To much butter, to much sugar, while baking & after taking them out to cool a little, sugar turned in to rock pecan brittle. Made 2 times, don't think I'll make again so disappointed. So excited to try them, sorry Ina.”

“the cooking temperature is way toooo high...they turned out terrible!”

“This recipe is absolutely terrible! Way too much butter, and the cooking temperature was much too high! While removing them from the pan, the filling fell out of them! These we supposed to be a morning treat for my husband!”

“This recipe needs to be amended! I made these easy sticky buns according to the recipe and was very disappointed. Way too much butter as puff pastry already has layers of butter. These came out soggy with butter, had to pitch them out. I am not sure why there is a need for so much butter. Next time, I will not brush on the butter over the pastry and will use just a little butter in the bottom of each muffin cup.”

“First off, I LOVE Ina and most of her recipes, but I have to say --this one let me down.
When trying a new recipe I always follow it by the book and then down the road I may alter it. This recipe seemed nice and simple at first, smelled great while in the oven. However, I noticed when peeking in and rotating the pan during baking that they almost appeared to be floating in the butter/brown sugar in the base of the muffin tins. I thought maybe they would set up and all would be well afterward, but that was not to be. ( I do LOTS of baking and my oven is in decent shape, btw.
This recipe is in need of some serious altering so maybe I'll read through even more reviews and see if there are good tips to salvage it. Otherwise I'm sorry, this will be out of my recipe collection.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 52………..Random Salad Greens, a Sweet Fury House Guest, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, Cookies and Baked Oysters!

Merry Christmas!

I just popped my ham in the oven and my house is nice a quiet after a whirl of family activity. The highlight of the morning was when I set the oven on fire making my sticky buns. Regretfully we were to focused on putting the fire out to get any pictures but I did however snap a few of the aftermath…needless to say Ina would be horrified at the end result. I am scratching my head trying to figure out exactly what went wrong with this recipe, it seemed fairly straight foreword however it was far from the wonderful sweet sticky puffy creation I watched her make on television………Y’all will just have to wait until next week for a full blow by blow account of the Epic Sticky Bun disaster but all is not lost and Christmas was not ruined.

Looking back in the past week I will say that as weeks go it was a very nice week full of wonderful surprises.

Sunday, December 18

Being the novice gardener that I am I was unaware that Lettuce is a fall/winter crop. When I was planting all my spring veggie I tossed in a few rows of lettuce seeds! One of my dear friends who is a seasoned gardener eventually explained to me that you don't plant lettuce until the fall. Well when I cleaned out my garden after the first frost and tuned over the dirt and raked it all out flat to get the bed ready for winter, well a few days later I saw some bright little green shoots popping up all over the bed. I guess the lettuce seed had been dormant waiting on just the right conditions.

In any event we enjoyed a lovely salad with fresh picked greens….and we can keep enjoying the lettuce all winter long form what i understand! Who knew….not me!


Monday, December 19

I was unloading my groceries on Tuesday afternoon when this little guy wandered up in the driveway. Thankfully he had a tag. We were able to contact the vet’s office and they were able to call the owners. The lived right in our neighborhood. For such a small sweet furry little thing he was full of you know what! He felt less than agreeable to make new friends. Let’s just sat that Buster and fuzzball did not get along……and I was more that glad when the owners turned up to claim little mister disagreeable!


I know I don't have to tell y’all who Dave Ramsey is. Well I was listening to his radio show the other day and he was explaining that all during the month of December he is giving something away on his website. I am also linked up to him through facebook. Well I saw that they were giving away 5 Kindle Fire’s on Monday. Well I was highly motivated so I set to work submitting entrees. You could enter as many times as you liked and believe me that’s exactly what I did! All my diligence paid off…………I WON! I was super excited!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, December 20

It was pie day….pecan for my husband!


Wednesday, December 21

It was cookie day.

I did a bunch for the hubs to take to the office and several smaller gift bags for friends as well! I made Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip Toffee Crunch, Oatmeal Raisin and Cranberry Christmas Cookies!


Y’all the email said five to seven business day but look what showed up in the mail this evening!

I was shocked that it came so quickly but over the top that I was able to begin exploring my new toy!


Thursday, December 22

Trying to keep it homemade…..I made an attempt to make some homemade gift bags. These brown paper grocery bags worked very well for my Christmas gifts I did for my girls group. I made each one of them an assortment of all the different jams and things I have been working on this years so the heavy paper bag was just the right vehicle for the heavy glass jars. I tied one of my homemade ornaments on and wrapped them all up with some red yard………and it was almost all made in the USA!



Friday, December 23

I have to tell y’all my new toy is way cool! This is a picture of me watching a full length movie sitting in my recliner! I have already read one book and have downloaded several samples of some books that I am contemplating buying. There are ton of free apps, lots of cool games. I have not figured out how to do it yet but you can email form you kindle, I’ll be figuring that out soon. I can surf the web, check my FB page, I download a free bible, it’s really a application that links you in to multiple bibles online but it's free. I have downloaded several classic books for free. I started reading Frankenstein just yesterday. My first download was Water For Elephants. I finished it off in about two days. I am not sure if reading a book on the kindle is faster that a regular book but it seemed that I just blew through that last book a whole lot faster that I would have if I had just been reading a traditional book.

I have found one small glitch in the program. One of the things that I was very excited about was the linked dictionary. How many times have you come across a word in a book and wish you could look it up right then. Well the Kindle has a function that if you press on the word it will open a pop up window with the definition. This function is not as reliable as it would seem, the touch screen is a very sensitive and sometimes it highlight the wrong word or even highlight the entire sentence thinking you want to add a note. However this small glitch is a non issue given the ease of use and all the different things you can do with this device.

Basically I love it….so far that is!


Saturday, December 24

I think we have a new Christmas Eve tradition…that is if I can convince the hubs that he really does enjoy shucking oysters.


These were not quite a s good as the ones we had at Pappadeaux or Uncle Bubba’s but I think with a bit of tweaking I can come close next time!


They were real good y’all….and not to bad at about $6.00 for the oysters!

Well I need to get my side in the oven for Christmas Dinner. It;s been a good day’ y’all!

Blessings and I hope you all had a joyous and Christ filled day!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life is what happen while you are waiting on the oven timer to go off……..

Why is it that our holiday memories are so tied to the smells and taste we experience. Smell has a huge impact on memory. A smell will waft by in the breeze and I will be instantly taken back to what ever memory is sparked by that olfactory sensation. I remember the way my grandmothers kitchen smelled. I remember the way she smelled.

I have to wonder sometimes what Muffinhead will remember about time spent at my house. Yesterday the DD and I spent time in the kitchen. I was supervising in the yearly macaroni and cheese making (oven timer………back in a minute)


Cookies cooling on the counter……..

So where was I…….right back to the mac and cheese, which is the DD favorite, she was rather distressed when she found this item lacking on the Christmas dinner menu. I had decided to make scalloped potatoes instead.

She said “But if you don’t make it now I'll have to wait until Campmeeting to get it again!”

Well I did a bit of menu shuffling and she is now a happy camper. However I did have on stipulation. It was time for her to learn how to make the mac & cheese herself. Well I think the baton of homemade mac & cheese has been handed down successfully, she did a wonderful job and when tasted it I could not have done a better job myself!

On of the favorite things we do as mother and daughter is menu planning, I think her interest is more to ensure that she has some editorial control in getting her favorites on the menu, but I take whatever mother daughter time I can get my hands on during the wonderful teen years and thank the Lord for the moment. 

Over the last few day we have been assembling our menu and over dinner the other night we put the final touches on what will be offered up. 

So here it is……….

Christmas Eve

Veggie Lasagna (this has been hanging out in the freezer for a while just wafting for the right moment) The last thing I want to do when I get home from church on Christmas even is mess with a big meal!

Baked Oysters Brownefeller

This new recipe will depend greatly on my time management. If I can make it over to the H=Mart then we will have some oysters later in the evening…..however you know how those last minute thing kind of fall to the wayside!

Bread Sticks


Peanut Butter Cookies

Cranberry Christmas Cookies

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

There goes the oven timer again………..be right back!

One cookie sheet cooling on the counter the second one baking off in the oven. Why do you hatch the to[p of peanut butter cookies with a fork anyway? I’ll be goggling that later on I am sure!

Christmas Brunch

My Son and his family are coming over for brunch on Christmas morning so I have a nice leisurely brunch planed. Most of it I can get done ahead of time and then just bake off in the oven on Christmas morning….

Sausage & Cheese & Egg Breakfast Casserole ( a holiday tradition, we sometime have Stuffed French Toast but this year I wanted to try a new sweet sticky bun recipe (see below for the link) so I wanted to to a savory casserole instead!)

 Sticky Buns

Pineapple Casserole

Scallop Potato’s (Paula advised to never try a new recipe during the holidays but I am breaking her rule and giving this new recipe a try, I may regret it bit if it fails we will still have plenty of other offerings to choose from)



and there may be a latte tossed in for good measure!


Christmas Dinner

Dinner will be a smaller offering as it will be just the three of us sitting down to the table. So I am keeping it simple and all of it can be made in advance except for the asparagus and hollandaise, but then that is so super easy that it isn’t even funny!


Spiral Sliced Ham (I am not sure what kind of glaze I am going to use but I am sure I will come up with something sweet and maybe a bit savory as well)

Mac & Cheese

Asparagus & Hollandaise

Cranberry Sauce

Baked Apples

Spinach Salad with Red Onion, Bacon, Mandarin Oranges and Seasoned Croutons( this is the hubs favorite, except for the red onions but he just picks those off and gives them to me)



Pecan Pie

Chocolate Mouse


Well that what’s on the menu at the Be Still and Know table for the holidays.

Oven timer again……

Well the last batch of Peanut butter cookies are cooling on the counter and I am moving on to the the Oatmeal Raisin.

Before I hit the publish button today…..

What smells remind you of the holidays or even a special loved one?

What is the one dish that just makes the holidays for you?


Merry Christmas y’all I hope you have a beautiful day.



Sunday, December 18, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 51…It’s a Miracle! I have all seven days!

Now that I have recovered from the shock of actually snapping a picture for each day I will forge ahead before I become overwhelmed with the reality of my accomplishment……

Sunday, December 11

The Music department at church puts on several different Christmas Concerts. The first one was called “The Sweet Sounds of Christmas”, this consist of the seven different choirs we have. The hubs and I were obligated to attend since the Girlchild was singing. I win the bad mother award and at Christmas too! Yea Santa will be putting me on the naughty list for this one for sure. I love my child, I think she has a beautiful singing voice, however, I know that there are lots of folks who have there souls filled up listing to music, who find great joy in the Sweet Sound of Christmas, i however am not one of those people. Now don’t get me wrong, I love listing to music, I draw the line at sitting in the sanctuary on the inadequate pew cushions for almost two hours. I think they must have sung every Christmas song with the word Noel in the title. #1:Sing Noel, #2:Sing Noel, Noel, #3:Jamaican Noel, #4:The First Noel aaaannnnnddddd #5: Sing We Noel!

25 musical numbers and no potty break…….


Monday, December 12

I opened the mail, shredded the mail and paid my bills!

 IMG_8384 - smudge

Tuesday, December 13

I went into the kitchen to get my second cup of coffee from the fresh pot I had made only to find this. It really does help when you have a functioning brain in your head. I just shook my head closed the lid on the coffee maker and pressed the brew button!


Wednesday, December 14

It was a coupon kind of day. After bible study Skoots1mom and I went to lunch and used a coupon, then I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl’s. I got a few new sweaters and a small surprise for the DD for under the tree, then since the hubs was out of town on business we took advantage of the coupons we had for McDonalds, I know not very nutritious but we both ate for under $5.00!


Thursday, December 15

I can’t show you what I made but I can tell you that most of the morning I was sitting at my sewing machine. I have a hate/hate relationship with this piece of equipment. We go back a long way in our animosity! The secret to successful sewing…I have now coined a new phrase. I have participated in Prayer Walks, Prayer Blankets, Prayer Shawls, Prayer Labyrinths, Prayer Retreats……Now I can claim Prayer Sewing. God is good and I only had to rethread once AND I only had to ask for forgiveness for unexpected foul language once…..well maybe twice!


Later that evening at my Accountability Group Meeting Skoots1mom brought her Christmas gift to us early. She wanted us to be able to use them for the Christmas season. She so Crafty and Thrifty. She MADE this sweet Christmas serving pedestal.

I can’t wait to stack it up with some festive Christmas cookies!


She also brought me a belated birthday gift. The next time Muffinhead comes over you can bet that we will be enjoying this story together. Gotta love title and the theme of this story. Grandma’s are Large and in Charge! I think I probably fit both of these descriptions!


Friday, December 16

I did a bit of baking. The Hubs is very fond of my Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread so I tossed a batch on to proof. Then I brought out a recipe that I had experimented with last year. It’s a good thing that bread flour in not expensive………….

It may look good on the outside…….


Saturday, December 17

Once it had cooled the huge canyon running down the center of the loaf was the first sign of the pending and hidden disaster……


After slicing it up I found it was totally underdone, gummy and a bit of a disappointment.


All is not lost though. I am pondering how to fix this as well as thinking about why this recipe failed!!!!!! I have a few ideas on what to do with the inedible bread…………we shall see how the end result turns out!

The bad news is since this recipe was such a big fat failure it is now stuck in my mind until I figure out how to fix it. I will have to keep working on the recipe until I have a successful end result. Is there such a thing as O.B.D. (Obsessive Baking Disorder) with an underlying secondary condition brought on by fear of failure! It just bugs me when a recipe does not wok our like I intended. It then becomes like a nagging tick in my brain….naner naner boo boo……while little pasty underdone loaves of bread dance in a circle around my head like on a cartoon!

Well while I’m banging my head against my oven door in shame y’all can head over to Sara’s for more P365! One more week and were done y’all! Say it ain't so…but it is!

I hope you all have a truly blessed Christmas!



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My House is quiet….

I don’t have Muffinhead today, it’s only been a few weeks since I started watching her in the mornings, but already I miss seeing that little head pop around the corner when she wakes up. The hubs left for a business trip the morning and the DD is off to school. It’s just me and the dog cuddled up on the sofa enjoying the lights on tree and the peace and quiet of my house.

The random thoughts that are passing through my head this morning…..

Planning my Christmas brunch menu and a Christmas dinner menu, thinking about going shopping for a new sweater for the hubs company Christmas party on Friday, mentally putting together the last Christmas gift I have to make, wishing I had a new phone but dreading the weeding out process as I research which phone out of the thousand on the market will best suit my need, why oh why can’t things be made to last!

I saw one of our church youth on FB today posting about her “Tacky Christmas Sweater Day” and realize that I have the very same sweater hanging in my closet……..Tacky is the new Christmas sheik I guess….

I am so relieved that all my shopping is done. I was motivated this year to get it done early, my extreme aversion to shopping gets more pronounces with the passing of time. I am so glad that I am done, now I can just relax and enjoy the holidays!

Yesterday I got all my junk mail opened, shredded and now all I have to do it file the remaining stack. The hubs looks at me over supper last night and ask “Why don’t you just deal with it as it come in??????”

That is the question for the ages I think?

Why do we procrastinate the tasks we do not want to do?

I know for me there is a lingering background history involved. Many many years ago we were so financially challenged with a HUGE medical debt as well as all the other household bills that we could not pay. Going to the mail box and opening the mail only brought stress and tears into my life. As I opened all the bills knowing that there was no money to pay them, even remembering it now just bring the angst back!

Thankfully that is no longer the case but my thinking about the process has been tainted by that negative experience.

Old baggage….makes life interesting! However, If I did not have my past experiences then I do not have the foundation for all the painful lessons I need to learn. Through that experience I learned how to budget our finances and how to live within our means. I learned the difference between wants and needs.

With Christmas rapidly approaching looking back on those lean days and knowing that for now they are behind us is such a blessing.

The Lord has been faithful in leading me and teaching me to be good a steward.

Philippians 4:12

12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

I am not sure I am as enlighten as Paul, but I feel grounded in the knowledge that I know the difference between what I really need and what I want. After many many years of being in need, the other side is a good place to be. It comes with much gratitude and thankfulness.

I am pondering what act of service or giving I can do this year.

I’ve done for my friends and my family, but what have I done for those who may be in need……

Well my house is still quiet, the second pot just finished brewing and my tummy is grumbling and my list if things to accomplish is a bit lengthy today so I will close out for now…..

But I’d love to know…What are you thankful for this year and what are you doing to give back this season?



Saturday, December 10, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 50…Oh my Stars the year is almost over!

Tis the season….to totally not take any pictures……

All the Christmas business has occupied my time with other things. However now that I am done I am looking forward to just enjoying the rest of the time until Christmas!

Friday, December 9

I was shocked the other day when I was finishing up he last of my Christmas shopping. As I have mentioned before I am on a quest to try to be as “Made in the USA” as possible this Christmas. Can I tell ya it is not easy. Trying to find the where something is manufactures is a chore and trying to find the labeling on the packages can be even more difficult. I am surprised at just how many products have no indication on the labels what so ever as to where they are manufactures. Some even go as far as to simple state that the item is “imported” but neglect to state where it is imported from.

However when I picked up this roll of wrapping paper in nice big bold labeling right across the front it read “Made in the USA”. It was $2.44 and it even has the cutting grid on the back…..very helpful! I love it!


Muffinhead was at home with her dad this morning so I seized the moment and got the last few bits of my decorations up. I also got a lot of my wrapping done. My house is as decorated as it is going to get, my tree is finished, the mantel is done and all my major shopping is done! What does this mean…..it means that I am officially done with all my Christmas preparations. There may be some holiday baking a bit closer to the actual day and I may have to make a run out for a gift I forgot to pick up, I always manage to forget to get one or two…..but the feeling of being done is wonderful!

IMG_8376 - trim

Well with only two pictures for the week I am hanging my head in shame but vowing to forge ahead with the hope of seven full day next week! One can only dream!

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!

Blessings & Merry Christmas!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 49: Christmas Craftiness………

Can I just tell ya that taking care of a two and a half year old really cuts into the blogging time. I did however manage to work on a few Christmas crafts as well as get a few more Christmas gifts checked off my list. So all things considered maybe it balances out a bit.

No pictures on Sunday, November 27 or Monday, November 28

Tuesday, November 29

Muffinhead has a new favorite spot. She loves this basket, normally I keep all my unused throw pillow in it but today it was her own personal reading nook! She sat there for several minutes looking at books.


Wednesday, November 30

I saw this cute idea floating around on Pintrest a few weeks ago. Since I am all into trying to keep it either made in the USA or Homemade well this little craft project fit the bill. The toilet paper is made in the USA, the glue I bought was made in the USA, the paint was made in the USA, the red yarn was made in the USA however, sadly the red glitter was made in China.


One toilet paper roll cut into six equal length will make one ornament.


Thursday, December 1

She is a busy girl but every now and then she will take a short break…..


she is very intently watching this show on PBS……


After Muffinhead left for the day it was on to part two of the craft project. I did not think that glitter and a toddler were a good combination……

After letting the glue set for a while, then I took them outside and gave them a good coat of red spray paint. I wanted to make them Gold but they did not have any gold glitter at the Walmart so I opted for red instead. After I painted them I gave each of them a punch with my handy dandy hole punch for the yarn to go through.


Any time you mention glitter it brings the DD out of her room and away from her iPod. She was itching to get her hands down in that glitter. She helped give them a light coat of watered down glue.


Then a nice dusting of red glitter is the final touch.


Friday, December 2

With all the leaves off the Crepe Myrtles out in the front yard I noticed that one of the trees was home to two birds nests. I was able to retrieve one of them and brought it safely into the house. I am not sure what I am going to do with it, but given that my Christmas tree always has an abundance of bird ornament as well as bird house and birds nest I think this sweet little nest will look rather nice nestled somewhere on my tree.


Saturday, December 3

One of the women in my accountability group had a death in the family. Her father in law passed away. He was a well loved man and lived a wonderful and long life. He left behind five son’s and one daughter and more grandchildren and great grandchildren than I could count. Myself and the two other women in the group, y’all know Skoots1mom, well anyway we all pilled into her husbands giant green suburban and made the trip up to the funeral. I made good sue of the time thought. While we chatted I worked out the kinks in this new stitch I was wanting to learn. It is called the Crocodile Stitch. I can tell you that it is not really that had to learn how to do. It is a bit on the awkward side to re-teach your fingers as you are going in and out in odd angles holding the hook and yard in very different way that the average crochet pattern. It is also a bit time consuming. This stitch takes twice as long to get a row done because in theory each row has to be done twice. You work the foundation row and then you work back over that same row in an alternating pattern. You can do a Google search if you want to find the instruction on how to do the stitch. that’s what I did…..it also requires a boatload of yarn. But I am glad I figured it out!


Well that's it for me this week. I am hoping that Muffinhead and I can begin to fall into some kind of normal routine now that we are in our second week of being together so hopefully I I can get back to my normal blogging routine……..

For more P365 y’all head over to Sara’s and link up!



PS: On a completely unrelated subject matter, I have just realized that since I had to re-load Live Writer back on to my new desktop I lost all of my pre saved links that it would automatically insert…..I HATE having to rebuild all those links back in…..totally bummed…….

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