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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

With each day that pass there is change, however there are things in life that do not change, traditions that continue on though out the years that hold us together and give us the roots that we cling to.

For 176 years people have gathered for Campmeeting. It happens every year on the third week of July.

I have been participating in this tradition for the past 14 years. For me it is simply one of the most amazing opportunities for worship, fellowship and true communion with God that I have ever experienced. It draws me back year after year.

If you have never experienced a Campmeeting then in my opinion you are truly missing one of the most unique worship experiences available.

In earlier times entire families would pack up all their belongings and trek miles and miles to participate in Campmeeting. It was the middle of the growing season and they did not have to be tending there fields, they would load their wagons with food, blocks of ice, butter churns, wash tubs with their cows tied to the back of the wagons and load there chickens as well and they would set off for Campmeeting.

They would gather together under the arbor, and arbor that they had constructed with an axe and the toil of their sweat. You can still see the hand hewn scars in the ancient beans even today. The saw dust upon the floor fills the air with that sweet and unforgettable fragrance. Each day all would gather for as many as four separate worship service.

They would reconnect with people they had not seen since the previous Campmeeting and they would break bread together and worship together.

I have this visual image of what it must have been like 176 years ago. I can see the wagons tied up behind the cabins and I can see the individual campfires set up with the cast iron pot hanging over them with there evening meal simmering away. I can hear the horses and the cows and the chickens intermixed with the raucous chattering of the children running about. The women in there prairie dresses, sun bonnets and button up shoes and the men in there overhauls and straw hats. The lazy conversations from a rocking chairs, the full and satisfied stomachs after a wonderful meal. The feeling of lying in your bed and drifting off to sleep after a long and pleasant day listening to the crickets and the birds all around you.

Can you see it? Can you feel it?

The arbor is lit with electricity now, not lanterns. The preacher can be heard through a microphone and there are mini vans parked out behind the cabins now.

Many things have changed about Campmeeting, however there is a timelessness that will never change.

The faded and time worn pews still fill twice a day with people desiring to worship, to sing and to reconnect with this timeless tradition.

Generations build upon generations.

The lavish suppers filled to overflowing with abundance still happen every night. The fellowship over deviled eggs, fried chicken, (I am thankful that we can go to KFC and don’t have to slaughter and pluck and then fry the chicken) corn pudding, sliced tomatoes, green beans cooked with ham hock, potato salad, banana pudding and on and on and on. The food is wonderful and the fellowship is even more satisfying.

The children still romp about only now they toss Frisbee’s, they play with bubbles, they ride their bicycles, and squirt water guns, but the essence is still the same. At the end of the day we still sit and fellowship and listen to the crickets and the birds as night settles in.

I don’t have to hauls my ice in a large block from the ice house or break if off with and ice pick. I just have to make a trip up to the gas station, I not do I have to enlist the help of the children to churn the ice cream, I have the luxury of just plugging it in, but the end result is still delicious.

Many things have changed with the passing of time.

Our first Campmeeting my son was five years old and my daughter was just a twinkling start in heaven waiting to be born, she is thirteen now and is now helping serve in the nursery where she used to play herself when she as a toddler.

I look at all the facets of life that have changed since I began this journey with Campmeeting and I see God so clearly.

This year I saw the transition of time more clearly than ever before. This years my son who is now 19 and out on his own was busy with his own life, he did come to one of the evening worship services, but his youthful rebellious priorities have drawn him on to other pursuits.

My daughter has moved on to the youth program and spent the week with her friends. She had a week of fun, worship and forging friendships that will hopefully last for a very long time.

This week I had an ache in my heart for the faithful saints of our church who in there golden years can no longer participate in Campmeeting. I would look to the place where they would usually sit and grieve at the loss of there presence. Their steadfast and timeless faith that has held me up, there soft shoulders that have absorbed my tears on many occasions were not there.

Time became real for me as I saw a dear sweet and faithful saint struggle with her walker for the first time trying to maneuver over the gravel pathway up to the arbor. The spirit is willing but the flesh is at times uncooperative.

To capsulate it, if a thing like this can be encapsulated, it is very much like the old saying “The more things change the more they stay the same.”

There are things about Campmeeting that will never change. I treasure these traditions and the timelessness of Campmeeting. I pray that it will never end and that generation after generation will continue to meet under this historic and holy tabernacle.

I also realize that God in His infinite wisdom has created us to be “but a breath.”, and that things of this life are only a moment.

It seems only yesterday that my daughter was laying her head in her pack and play surrounded by the sawdust and the sounds of the crickets, now I lay my head down all by myself as she talks into the night with her friends.

Campmeeting is over for this year, I wait with great anticipation for next July. It has only been three days and already I miss it, the gathering under the arbor, the traditions, the laughter, the food, the fellowship. the singing, the worship, kneeling in the sawdust and I may even miss the humidity and the mosquitoes just a bit, well maybe not. (I praise Jesus for bug spray and my $2.96 Wal Mart handheld fan)

Campmeeting brings many wonderful things. Each time I place my feet upon that sawdust covered Holy ground God moves in my life.

He spoke to me of His timelessness. He gently showed me that things in my life are changing and He told me to embrace the changes and to seek to learn from this transition all that can be gleaned.

One day, I hope, I will be struggling with my walker over the gravel and my daughter will be setting up her pack and play for her own children, this washes over me with a sweetness that is beyond description.

God is simply too good to describe.

These two verses are so relevant for the experience of this past week for me.

2PE 3:8 But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day.

PS 39:5 You have made my days a mere handbreadth;
the span of my years is as nothing before you.
Each man's life is but a breath.

Life is but a breath, but what a wonderful beautiful breath it is!

Praise God!
Copyright © July 2008 R. Lambright

Sunday, July 27, 2008

6 Random Things about Me

My Hands His Glory tagged" me with a new meme (thoughts transmitted from one blogger to a group) and each member of the group answers the same questions/ideas and continues the process.

Here are the tag rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Write six random things about yourself.

4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.

5. Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

#1 Random Thing:
I love movies. I will watch a great movie over and over. I will watch a not so great movie over and over. I will watch any movie over and over.

#2 Random Thing:
I enjoy experimenting with recipes. I love creating new dishes and changes things up and trying new things.

#3 Random Thing:
I have the ability to kill any house plant, with the exception of a peace lily that I got from my grandmothers funeral, which is still alive and a small Christmas cactus which was also a gift from a friend. I think if I buy the plant it is an automatic death sentence, but if the plant is a gift then it stands a chance of survival.

#4 Random Thing:
I would live happily ever after if I never had to wear make up or shave my legs ever again. I hate messing with my hair and I hate even more than that trying to figure our what accessories to wear with an outfit. I think it was Einstein had seven outfits that were al the same so he would have clean cloths each day but not have to extend any thought or energy into thinking about what he would wear. I am so down with that. If I was a braver person I would do the very same thing.

#5 Random Thing:
I do not like olives, capers, dill pickles or seafood. I will eat shrimp or fish occasionally, but it is far from my favorite.

#6 Random Thing:
I attended the Governors Honors program in 1977 when I was in High School in Fine Arts. It was one of my best High School memories. It gave me the opportunity to get away from a difficult family life and enjoy being a care free teenager without the stigma of where we lived and the situation we lived in. I was simply just a high school artist and got to play and paint and sculpt and laugh and make friends. It was a wonderful opportunity that was a very bright spot in a very difficult home life.

I am now going to tag the only three folks left that have not been tagged on my blogroll!

Walking Faithfully

His Ways are Not Our Ways

God Lover

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jehovah-Jireh ~ The Lord will Provide

I have decided that one of the reason that God has blessed me with this need to put words down on paper is to insure that there is an accurate record (at least where my life is concerned) of how faithful and great God is.

When God shows up in mighty ways and even in small ways I feel Him prompting me to record the events so that they will be remembered by me and those who will read them.

I can not help but draw some similarities in my own life to that of Luke’s, when things happen in my life that are very clearly the hand of God it is as if I must stop right then and get them written down.

Luke possibly felt that way as he began his work to record all that Christ had done.

LK 1:1 Many have undertaken to draw up an account of the things that have been fulfilled among us, 2 just as they were handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses and servants of the word. 3 Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus, 4 so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.

So that you all may know the certainty of how amazing our God is I will tell you of His abundant provision that will add flavor to my life as well as the lives of others.

We made the decision on Thursday evening. A member of my accountability group came to us and shared about an outreach project that has been going on at our church.

Several people have been reaching out to some families at an extended stay motel in the community. They were in the process of helping one of the families transition from the hotel into a small rental home and were helping them move in.

In conversation with one of the women who will be helping this family with their move my friend came up with the idea of putting together a small housewarming gift and wondered if as a small group this might be a project that we could do together.

We discussed this and all agreed that we would begin to pull together specific items. One member of our group was going to purchase household cleaning supplies, the other was going to get some small kitchen items such as towels, wooden spoons and other miscellaneous things and I decided to purchase some dry pantry items… flour, sugar, salt etc.

The very next day (God has perfect timing) my husband returned from a business trip. He had gone to North Carolina to a manufacturing plant to do whatever it is that he does at these places. When the job was finished and he was packing up his equipment the manager of the plant handed him a medium sized box, a thank you for your trouble kind of thing.

He returned home, brought in his suitcase and then a few minutes later he brings in this other box.

He announces “I have a present for you!”

I love small surprises. I “eagerly” (are you proud of me SK) went into my kitchen to see what it was. He cut the tape across the top and opened the box.
We began to empty the contents of this box onto the kitchen counter.

There was sea salt, there was kosher salt, there was seasoned salt, there was lemon pepper, there was lime pepper, out and out it came.

Quite possible more salt and pepper that I can use in two years or more.

“Oh WOW! God is so good!” I exclaimed as we lined up all the varying containers on the kitchen counter.

I then shared with my husband the decision we had made to put together the housewarming gift for this family and that I had decided to provide the dry pantry items.

How good and great is our God for knowing in advance what is going to happen and to provide me with not only enough salt and pepper for my household for the next several (several....) months but with the abundance that was provided I have enough to generously share with this family as well.

The Lord likes salt (LEV 2:13 how cool is this), that much is clear in the abundance that He provided for my family as well as this anonymous family.

LEV 2:13 Season all your grain offerings with salt. Do not leave the salt of the covenant of your God out of your grain offerings; add salt to all your offerings.

Our lives would be bland and flavorless without this very simple ingredient.
But on a larger scale we are challenged to have salt in out spiritual lives as well. We are challenged to season every aspect of our lives with spiritual salt. To meet every day with the salt that comes from Christ.
We are challenged to have salt in ourselves and to be at peace with each other.

MK 9:50 "Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt in yourselves, and be at peace with each other."

God is so good, He adds flavor to all thing!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Is there really such a thing as a necessary evil?

Having further restrained myself from actually setting my laptop on fire, my technical issues have been problematic.

I am ceasing the moment to post while the planet are aligned properly and the gremlins hiding under my living room sofa are sleeping and all is well with my computer (for the millisecond).

I was considering the term necessary evil the other day and I can find no better example than our reliance on technology. While our computer, cell phones, PDA’s, pocket PC’s and Blackberries all are wonderful tools, they also have the ability to suck the very life out of your day if they are not working properly.

While being able to access the internet brings wonderful blog’s and new insight into how God is working it also is the doorway to the vilest filth imaginable.

It’s about balance and harmony. It is about keeping things in perspective. When I feel like the world is out to get me simple because my laptop freezes at an inopportune moment then quite possible I have lost that perspective and balance.

I have to actually stop and think exactly when was the last time I took my pen out and wrote a check and placed it in a sealed envelope to pay my power bill. Well I simply can not remember.

Somehow I do not think the water company is really going to care that my internet access has been interrupted due to the evil beasties that have invade my laptop.

In this instant society I find that if we/me can not access the information we/I want or need (or rather what I think I need) within in a moments notice on the internet then we/I begin to feel frustrated.

I am so conditioned to doing everything online that the concept of actually writing a check seems like a step back into the dark ages.

Is there really such a thing as a necessary evil?

Monday, July 14, 2008

where two or three come together in my name

Over the past three years I have gone to levels of discouragement that I did not think I could over come. You see I took over the coordination of the prayer ministry of our church some three years ago. In that time I have done some serious questioning as to why this ministry has at times seemed to flounder. My dreams of a packed sanctuary for our twice monthly prayer meeting seemed to fall sadly short of my grand expectations.

I would lament over the sad state of these meetings to my closest friends and weep bitter tears as each month I would show up with the worst kind of attitude knowing that no one would be there.

However as I began to think and pray about this situation one of the things I began to notice is that no matter how many people show up for these meeting the power of God never ceases to be faithful.

The word tells us that:

MT 18:19 "Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

So I know that it does not take a room full of believers to pray for a miracle or even a simple answer to a heartfelt request.

Our last prayer was 22 days ago. I was sitting in the sanctuary quietly waiting as the small number of the faithful trickled in. As happens some times there were a few new faces as well. These meeting are always an informal gatherings and our primary focus is to stand in the gap for the needs of the congregation as well as any other needs that may be going on in the community or even on a larger scale such as national or global issues.

Our pastor of congregational care, who is also one of my dearest friends, is our leader for these prayer meetings. However on this particular Sunday there was an emergency that required her attention. I have on occasion lead these prayer meetings when she is called away, so albeit a bit unexpected and on the fly I stepped up and took over for her as she went to minister to the needs of the congregation.

We had concluded praying for all the needs that had been placed on out list for this particular meeting and had moved into the alter time. We always make it known that if you should desire to spend time in prayer alone then the alter is open, however should you require someone to pray with you all that is required is a simple raising of the hand.

Immediately upon the alter time beginning a young woman stood and before even making it up to the alter her hand was in the air. I tentatively walked over to her and we made our way up to the alter. It was very clear that this your woman had a heavy burden. As she knelt down her countenance shifted to that of complete sorrow. She wept and poured out her heart to me.
As everything we pray abut in these meeting is strictly confidential I will respect her privacy and just share with you that I have totally been in a very similar situation in my life. She was very simply a young mother and wife in a very difficult and heartbreaking set of circumstances. She felt hopeless and saw no way out of this heartbreaking situation.

I embraced this young woman and held her has she wept and wept. She poured forth her heartbreak and we prayed for healing and we prayed for peace, strength, and for God’s perfect solution. I anointed her with oil and then quietly stepped away as she said that she needed a few moments alone with the Lord.

At the close of the service I spent a few moments talking with this young woman. I took down her name as well as wrote down all the details so I could pass her situation on to the staff.
Over the next few days I felt a heavy burden for this young mother and would remember her and her family in my prayer time. I also knew that all my faithful members of the prayer ministry, who had witnessed her gut wrenching sobs and heartache were also praying for this woman as well.

In a conversation I had with a friend this morning I commenting that it never ceases to amaze me at how blind people can be when they consistently refuse to see the hand of God when it is right in front of their face. I am also so very thankful that God never gives up in trying to reach those that He loves. You see what happen next was evidence that was so overwhelming clear to me of just exactly how compassionate God is and how mightily He chooses to work in our lives.

Yesterday morning as the worship service concluded, I was collecting my things, repacking my bible and notebook back in my bag and preparing to leave the sanctuary.

I looked up at the call of my name. There before me was a young woman. She obviously was familiar with me as she had called me my name. I looked into her face and was not at all sure where I knew this woman from. Being a member of a rather large congregation has it’s disadvantages as it is some times very difficult to remember all the new faces you come in contact with on any given Sunday.

I stood up and had a very small spark of possible recognition and as she began to speak.

“Do you remember me? You prayed with me?”

As soon as she said this it fell into place, one does not forget those profound moments of prayer as we had experienced together several weeks ago.

She was smiling at me and she began to share with me that the two very difficult situation we had prayed about had been resolved very shortly after the prayer meeting. As she continued to talk I felt that familiar warmth wash over us. The presence of the Holy Spirit was evident as we rejoiced in this very powerful evidence of God grace and how at times He chooses to act swiftly.

She thanked me for my prayers. I told her that it had been my great privilege to intercede on her behalf, but I also reminded her that it was God who deserved the real thanks and all the glory. I shared with her that she had just witnessed in her life the very real presence and guiding hand of God. Our Heavenly Father had touched her life in a powerful way and there was no mistake. She had cried out to Him in her anguish and brokenness and God in His great mercy had listened and answered her prayer. God is good in all He does, there is purpose in everything He beings about.

I said “Ya know, there is something else I need you to do. You need to write this down.” I shared with her that when God moves in our lives in profound ways it is up to us to make sure we are paying attention. It is also up to us as His faithful followers to keep an accurate record of how and when God works.

It was so clear to me that God is at work in the life of this young woman and her family. It was also very clear to me the God had used this young woman to speak to me as well. I knew the moment that we finished our conversation as she walked away that God had shown me in a powerful way the perfection of Matthew 18:19.

God spoke to me and said “My sweet daughter, it does not matter if only a few faithful followers show up. I am more powerful, I can transform the prayers of two or three into a thousand fold in heaven. I just need you to continue to show up and leave the rest to me”

This powerful example of God at work would have been enough, but as God often does He was even more abundant in His blessing in this particular day. Our next prayer meeting was scheduled for that very evening. I knew when I was walking to my car in the parking lot that this was something that God wanted retold.

Later that evening we gathered, again the few and faithful. I shared with them my experience of the morning and how God had so graciously answered our prayers on behalf of this young woman. You see I could feel it. It was a confirmation for me as well as for all the other faithful who stand in the gap.

God said in a loud voice “where two or three come together in my name, there am I with you. I am listening intently, I an actively working, I am that I am, all you need to do is trust in me and continue to show up …..and …….continue to pray."

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank you for all your prayers.

Just to give you all a brief update, I have finally (I think) got my internet issues resolved.

I am not so sure about my hardware issues. I am “holding my mouth right” and trying to maintain the proper system settings as well as making sure all my software updates, and 25 letter registration codes, and uninstall and reinstalls and upgrades and …….. Well you get the picture are in order.

Needless to say I have restrained myself and have not taken a hammer to the laptop as of yet, and God has in fact kept a diligent hold of me and has thus far prevented me from placing my computer in the driveway and running over it with my mini van.

In a simpler world I have noticed that my ball point pen has never once given me an error message, frozen up in mid function, asked me to enter a 72 letter security code, beeped, flashed or in any way shape or form told me that an earlier version is in conflict with a previous installed version and must me uninstalled, updated, restarted, registered on line with a secure password, asked me to remember the name of my first grade teacher as a security question, or kept me on hold while I waited for the next available service technician who I can not understand because they are rerouting my service call to Tibet in order to work properly.

I love my ball point pen.

(I love my laptop too, I am just in techno overload at the moment and my living room floor is littered with router boxes, earthnet cords (I’m not sure I know what that is but I had to have one) every software instillation CD I own, as well as a large dent in the wall from where I have been banging my head for the last 48 hours.)

Last night after I had thrown in the towel in defeat we watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

My new favorite person is Moaning Myrtle. She is a ghost at Hogwarts who lingers about the girls bathroom moaning and wailing her sad circumstances. She contemplates death and how horrible her life is at all times. For the last 48 hours I have been doing a wonderful Moaning Myrtle impression as I have been wandering around my house moaning and bemoaning the state of my technological difficulties.

Harry asked her if she can remember how she died.

Her reply is that “the laaaast thing I remember was a laaaarge pair of yellow eyes”
Harry asks “Is that aaaaall you remember Myrtle”
She floats above him in her etherealness and forcefully announces “I WAS DISTRAUGHT” and promptly floats away.

Thank You Moaning Myrtle for so appropriately voicing my pain!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pray for my Laptop

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we lived in a world where things just worked properly all the time.
I am ceasing the moment to post a brief appeal for prayer as I am experiencing some fairly regular and annoying technical difficulties with my laptop.
It may at any moment decide to go live with Jesus in computer heaven. I am trying to remain calm, however I am also bracing for the worst and currently praying for system restoration.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Rainbow and Deep Furrows

Several days ago I was sitting in my living room and the world outside was transformed.

It literally was transformed by these amazing hues of gold and orange. It was nearly time for the sun to set, yet there was a bright glow washing in my windows.

If you have ever experienced the sudden shift in how the sky looks right before a nasty line of thunderstorms rolls though the south then you will understand.

The sky takes on a hint of ominous color to it, almost like a small visual glimpse into what is about to happen. The smell in the air is even a bit different.

Well given the fact that over the last several days we had been experiencing some very volatile weather, the night before as I lay in my bed waiting for my bedroom window to simply be blown of there casings, I was a bit concerned as I stood in my living room and watched the world outside shift into this amazing and strange color.

I stepped outside and the humidity was thick and the golden color was washing over everything. There in the expanse before me was a brilliant and nearly complete rainbow. I could see nearly the complete circle, but what was even more amazing is that just outside of the vivid and shining rainbow was a second slightly less visible rainbow.

(if you look closely you can see the second outer rainbow, it was much easier to see with the naked eye than in this photo)

It was still sprinkling from the sudden downpour but I ignored the intermittent spattering and just stood and took in this awesome gift. I went from the back yard to the front and from the front it looked as if the rainbow came down and made its home at the end of my street.

With the late hour it felt as if the sun was straining to remain above the horizon for as long as it could just so I could stand in God’s glory for as long as possible.

The sun eventually set and the rainbow faded and the amazing golden hue slowly turned into night, and it was over.

With each day that has past since this double blessing I have thought about how God orchestrates things. There is a delicate balance to all His creation.

Rainbows only happen after a storm.

If I had been lazy and disobedient (and stayed in front of the television) I would have missed the blessing completely.

I can not help but think of all the storms that have passed through my life. I can gratefully say that much of the turbulent weather that I have experienced have resulted in magnificent rainbows.

I can see God’s might hand and praise Him for how He has worked in my life. The transformation that has taken place in my life is a true testament to His ability to prune away all the sin and unproductive branches in my life.

The violent storm that kept us awake into the wee hours the other night light up the sky with so many flashes of lightening it looked as if it were the middle of the afternoon. My windows rattled, our walls shook, it felt like we were in the middle of an explosion the storm was so violent.

The next morning as I tentatively stepped outside to survey my surroundings. I noticed the neighbors pulling a very large tree branch across their yard. It seems that while the lightning was illuminating the skies it was also striking down a tree on our neighbor property. Thankfully it was a small tree and there was no damage to their home.

However as I drove by the tree this morning I noticed that all that remains is a short jutting stub out of the ground. All the branches have been removed (by force) and cut away and hauled off to be disposed of.

All that remains is a sad reminder of the beautiful tree that once was there. The homeowner must not be in possession of a chain saw because as I inspected the stump I notice that it had been jaggedly hacked away at by a small hand held hatchet exposing the interior of the trunk to the world like an open wound.

There have been so many times in my life when I have felt exactly the same way. That visual image of this poor stump with all the jagged hacked up exposed wounds, standing unprotected from the elements, having everything violently ripped away, well this has been a very realistic metaphor for how I have felt at various times in my life.

What I do know for sure is that when God prunes away at your life it is always sharp and decisive. He never leaves rough jagged edges that will be in danger of not healing. His precise pruning is always done at exactly the right moment with precision because He knows where to make the perfect cut to bring about the bountiful harvest.

In my quiet time (“Streams in the Desert”, for July 3) this morning I came across several passages from the Old Testament that showed this to me in a beautiful way.

The writer gives a description of a beautiful meadow with lush green grass and a picturesque setting of cows resting in the shade and birds frolicking in the brightly colored flowers. He stopped for a moment to just drink in the beauty before him.

The very next day as he was passing by this same field there had been a dramatic transformation. A farmer with a large tractor was sitting idle in that very same meadow, the beautiful setting of the day before had been plowed under. There was nothing but bare dark furrows of up turned soil. As he looked at the barrenness before him we was grieved. He had expected beauty yet his eyes beheld nothing but upturned dirt. As he surveyed this unpleasant sight before him he had a transforming moment. Instead of the empty furrows before him, he had a glimpse of the bountiful harvest that was to come from this brutal upheaval.

I just love how God works!

Listen to what He has to say:

ISA 28:23 Listen and hear my voice;
pay attention and hear what I say.

ISA 28:24 When a farmer plows for planting, does he plow continually?
Does he keep on breaking up and harrowing the soil?

ISA 28:25 When he has leveled the surface,
does he not sow caraway and scatter cummin?
Does he not plant wheat in its place,
barley in its plot,
and spelt in its field?

ISA 28:26 His God instructs him
and teaches him the right way.

ISA 28:27 Caraway is not threshed with a sledge,
nor is a cartwheel rolled over cummin;
caraway is beaten out with a rod,
and cummin with a stick.

ISA 28:28 Grain must be ground to make bread;
so one does not go on threshing it forever.
Though he drives the wheels of his threshing cart over it,
his horses do not grind it.

ISA 28:29 All this also comes from the LORD Almighty,
wonderful in counsel and magnificent in wisdom.

If God has plowed you field flat and upturned the soil in your life, there is purpose in the upheaval.

There is always purpose in all that God does, I must continue to wait patiently for that bountiful harvest, it will come.

Why should I be frightened and surprised by the plow of the Lord, which makes deep furrows in my soul? I know He is not some arbitrary or irrational farmer - His purpose is to yield a harvest.

Samuel Rutherford

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